Monday, November 22, 2010

Gabrel Dawe Fiber Art

Hey, guys! It's Amelia, again. While surfing the internet, I came across Gabriel Dawe's portfolio website. He uses fiber to create some really exceptional pieces, and I think a lot of you might his work (especially if you enjoyed doing embroidery!)

Self portrait + thread on fabric + 20.5" x 27" aprox. + 2009

Fear of Inadequacy II + hand-embroidery on fabric + 20" x 28" aprox. + 2007

plexus no. 4 + site specific installation at the dallas contemporary + g├╝termann thread, wood and nails + 11' x 25' x 25' + 2010

You can find more of his work here, on his website. Hope you enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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