Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Skin

Following are a few images and links that might be inspiring and hopefully interesting and enlightening:

Oregonia Gracilis (Decorator or Dresser crab) festooned in sea weed. Watch a BBC video about them here.)

Girl in Harajuku area of Tokyo, Japan.

Boy of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia, captured by Hans Silvester.

A caddis fly building its caseA weaverbird nest in Namibia.

Fishing Line (2006) and detail by Tara Donovan
Accumulation of Yo-Yos by MICA grad, Marla Parker.
An experimental coverlet crocheted by Emily Barletta, a MICA fiber alumnus.
Catherine Bertola's Dust Collection, 1999.
The works of Anu Tuominen (above). For more inspiring work, visit her website here.

Above, the works of Kimsooja. For more information, including her Bottari project, visit her website.

Nancy Rubin's Mattresses and Cakes (1993)
El Anatsui's Bleeding, 2007.
Dave Cole's Knitting with Loaded Shotguns, 2008.
Fishing Nets in Maine.
Fashion designer Hiroshige Maki's Rubber Band Dress (1993)

Untitled by the 'outsider/visionary' artist, Judith Scott.

Traditional Shaman's Cloak, Central Asia

Coral Reef

an assortment of Nick Cave's Soundsuits
Bamileke Feathered Costume - Cameroon Mabu and below, a dancer in costume. 

Annette Messager's "My Boarders" (1972)

Lucy Orta's Refuge Wear and Habitent. For more information about these projects visit the Studio Orta website.

Kaija Kiuru's "Chamber" 2002, made from lace. "

Knitted superhero costumes by Mark Newport (2006-2010)

One of Lucy & Bart's collaborations described as "described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body." More on their website here.
Dave Cole's Kevlar Baby Onesie, 2008.

Rosalie de Monod de Froideville's Hideaway (2006-2008).

The images of Phyllis Galembo:

Atam Masquerader, in front of cotton silkwood tree, Cross River, Nigeria, 2004
Baby Dance of Etikpe, Cross River, Nigeria, 2004

Sierra Leone

Ano Dance Masquerade, Alok Village, Cross River, Nigeria, 2004

Okpo Masquerade, Calabar South, Nigeria, 2005

The work of Eva Hesse:

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