Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Beginning

In the first day of the class, we will begin with looking at FIBERS! Before we get to weaving, knitting, felting, sewing and embroidery... let's take a look at where these processes start!

In other words, to make cloth and to embed information into that cloth (through dyeing, printing, embroidery, other kinds of manipulation), we need raw materials. And all over the world, people utilize a broad array of materials for making cloth.

We will be focusing on PROTEIN fibers today (animals or things that grow out of animals, like sheep hair/wool and silk). Below are some images of protein fibers, as well as CELLULOSTIC fibers (things that grow out of the ground). Enjoy!

Angora Rabbit

Cashmere Goats

Merino Sheep

Shetland Sheep
Silk Moths and Cocoons
Silk Cocoon
Separating Silk Filament from the Cocoons

Flax (used to make linen)

Paper Mulberry (used to make bark or 'tapa' cloth)

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  1. haha! Love the pics! Can someone do something for the love of fur on those animals?! lol